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Why You Need ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira

by Jenny Choban on January 29, 2018
Many of your teams are probably already using designated software systems to handle their core tasks (an accounting system for finance, a payroll system for HR). However, these systems are not designed to handle request management and frequently overlook smaller processes. Implementing a service desk system for teams across your organization will result in better internal customer service and improved team performance.


ProForma is a system that enables any team to create, deploy and manage forms attached to Jira issues. Adding customizable data collection to Jira’s workflow engine makes it an appropriate and powerful business process management tool for any team. Teams will enjoy having control of their processes and your organization will benefit from lower implementation and maintenance costs by using one system across multiple teams.

 Better Service

Converting business processes to a service desk model built on Jira and ProForma will allow your teams to provide better service to both internal and external customers, while simultaneously making life easier for themselves.

  • Internal customers can go to one place - the Jira Service Desk portal - to place requests, regardless of whether their request is for HR, Finance, Marketing, etc, making it easy for your employees to know where and how to get help. if you are already using Jira Service Desk to handle IT requests, then your internal customers will find the addition of other services to portal completely seemless.
  • If requests are built on the same workflow, issues can be transferred from one business team to another. Processes like employee onboarding require service from more than one business unit (HR, Facilities, IT). Jira makes it easy to handle all of that from one request.
  • ProForma empowers teams to create their own forms designed to collect exactly the information they need, formatted the way they want and validated to their business rules. That means that the needed information gets collected up front, without the waste of going back and forth to get the right data.
  • Anyone involved with an issue (the person who placed the request, the supervisor who needs to approve it, the agent handling the request), can check in on the real status of the request at any time.
  • The team responsible for handling the requests is empowered with useful tools such as customizable queues and easy to track service level agreements to ensure customer support standards.

Better Performance

Using ProForma and Jira will enable your business teams to perform better. Jira is a flexible tool that allows teams to design their own workflows. ProForma puts teams in control of their data collection. Thus, the team - not the software, dictates the business process. A variety of Jira and ProForma features empower teams to become more efficient:

  • Repeated processes (including the needed forms, approvals and workflow) can be built in, saving time and preventing inconsistencies.
  • All data is stored securely within Jira, providing end-to-end traceability and enhanced compliance.
  • Built in analytics make it easy to track the most common request types and the time needed to resolve them so team leaders can anticipate demand and allocate staff and resources accordingly.
  • Teams using ProForma can access a library of ready-to-use templates  for common business processes. These process templates were purpose-built in consultation with business area experts. Any existing ProForma template can be easily modified to meet a team’s particular needs. Process templates make the conversion to using a new system fast and easy.
  • Business teams can build, deploy and manage forms themselves, so that when changes to a business process are required, there’s no need to wait for help from an overburdened IT department.

Better Value

Simply put, ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira is an unbeatable value for empowering business teams with online forms backed by a workflow.

  • It is more efficient, more accurate and more secure than handling processes and requests by email.
  • It’s cheaper and easier to support than maintaining a different system for each business team.
  • It’s more economical than other options for combining the data collection capacity of forms with the power of an automated workflow.

…And if you’re already using Jira or Jira Service Desk in your organization, you’ll be leveraging what you already have.

Best of all, you will know that you are investing in a system that’s built on a rock solid foundation. Jira has been adopted by more than 80,000 organizations with literally millions of active users. Companies like Domino’s, Spotify and Airbnb count on Jira and/or Jira Service Desk to manage their processes and requests. Combining the data-capture capability of forms with Jira’s proven workflow engine is sure win.