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Jira Service Desk

Friendlier Forms & Better Data in Jira Service Desk

by Jenny Choban on November 8, 2018

Your Service Desk portal serves multiple functions. As the public interface that you use to interact with customers, the portal needs to be user-friendly. As the data collection tool you use to manage multiple request types, it needs to be customizable. Improve your use of the Jira Service Desk portal and you’ll improve customer service and Jira Service Desk agent productivity.  You can do it by using one simple tool.

ProForma is an easy to use form builder that empowers teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues and can be published to the Jira Service Desk portal.

Benefits for Customers

Friendlier Forms

Because ProForma forms can be designed for specific request types, you can ask for all of the information relevant to that request type and only the information relevant to that request type. Features like conditional logic and including multiple forms per request mean that customers don’t have to scroll through endless fields in order to submit the pertinent information.

Faster Service

While customers are spared from being asked for information that isn’t relevant, they are prompted to include all of the information that is needed in order for the service agents to respond to their request. There’s less time wait time because customers and agents don’t have to go back and forth – the right information was included from the onset.

Edit Requests from the Portal

For those times when things change mid-course, customers can edit their request forms directly from the portal.  This means that agents and customers alike will be able to find the most up-to-date information in the place they naturally look - on the request form, not buried in a comment chain.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


 Benefits for Service Teams

One-Touch Service

Being able to collect the right information, from the moment a request is placed, means issues move through the queue faster. The ProForma form builder has multiple features that promote better data:

  • Information sections allow you to include as much instruction as needed on the form;
  • Validation can be set on any form field in order to enforce business rules and ensure completion:
  • You can include a descriptive text such as hints and examples on any field;
  • Form sections can be dynamically shown or hidden depending on the customer’s response to a previous question.

ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


This level of control over incoming data means that rather than having to handle a request multiple times, service agents can frequently resolve a request in one go.

ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Internal and External Forms

ProForma forms can be set as either external (visible on the Jira Service Desk portal) or internal (only accessible from the issue). As described above, external forms are ideal for collecting needed information from customers. Internal forms are good for tracking service team processing.

Agents can change the internal/external setting of a form as needed. This can be a convenient way for communicating detailed information to a customer. For example, an employee puts in a request (via the Jira Service Desk portal) to the Facilities department saying that his desk is falling apart and needs to be replaced. Facilities sends out a team member to inspect the desk. An inspection report is added as an internal form on the issue and is completed by the team member who carried out the inspection. Once the inspection form has been submitted, the agent makes it external, allowing the customer to see the result of the inspection (and understand why they don’t get a new desk right now).


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Easier Jira Administration

ProForma also reduces the need for Jira administrative support. Forms can be created and edited by anyone with Administer Project permissions and no coding or complex configuration is required. ProForma reduces the need for Jira custom fields helping you avoid the problems of custom field bloat.  Each field that is included on a ProForma form is a field that doesn’t need to be included on the issue. Thus, ProForma is win for customers, service agents and Jira Administrators.