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Jira Service Desk Risk Management

Navigating Compliance with ProForma & Jira Service Desk

by Jenny Choban on June 13, 2018

“We don’t just have 65 different buckets of money,” my boss used to say. “We have 65 different sets of rules.” I worked at a social service agency. Our services were funded by grants and each grant did indeed come with its own set of rules. Rules about how the money could and couldn’t be spent. Rules about time. Rules about staff qualifications. Rules about notifications.  With alarming regularity, rules from one of our large, government funders would contradict rules from another large, government funder. Program managers, our chief financial officer, and our HR director all struggled to ensure that we were compliant with various rules and regulations. Compliance seemed to me to be like one of those three dimensional jig-saw puzzles – with a good portion of the pieces missing. I suspected that there was no single person in the organization who did (or could) have their head around all of it.




So when I read this, “Lately, I have been helping a client and was wondering if Jira Service Desk could help in order to manage his Compliance department processes,” in the Atlassian Community forum, I thought, yes.  Do it. Give him the best tool you have to manage compliance.

ProForma for Compliance Tracking 

Mohammed goes on to describe how his client is currently managing compliance; all departments make frequent (weekly or monthly) checks, filling in excel sheets and submitting them to the Compliance departments for approval. Such a process could easily  be built into Jira Service Desk, allowing each internal department to access and submit their reports via the JSD customer portal. Agents in the Compliance department could review, respond to and manage the reports in an organized queue rather than an overflowing inbox. 

ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira makes it easy to include all of the needed fields on the customer portal, without creating Jira custom fields. Thus, the Compliance team could build one portal form for Department A to complete and submit, and another form for Department B to use, thereby ensuring that everyone complies with their unique set of rules. Since adding, changing or deleting fields in ProForma doesn’t require complex Jira configurations, you can easily modify the forms when the rules change.

ProForma also makes it easy to help users submit the right information. ProForma forms can include as much instruction as needed. Each form field can be accompanied by a description, hint or example. Fields can be validated to require a response.  They can also be validated to only allow responses that conform to pre-set business rules.


Enhancing Compliance with Jira & ProForma Features

Moving processes (compliance reporting or any process) into Jira Service Desk and ProForma is a good way to improve compliance. The combination of process-specific data-collection and a tailored workflow make it possible bake compliance, and even best practices, into any process. Consider how these feature could be used to ensure better transparency, traceability, standardization and response times:

ProForma Features

  • Process-specific data collection empowering teams to get exactly the information they need without the Jira configuration headaches
  • Field level validation to ensure complete, accurate information that conforms to your business rules
  • Ability to add more than one form to an issue, allowing teams to collect, organize and show a multitude of fields on a single Jira issue (again, without the complications of Jira configuration)
  • Option to create approval forms that with as many fields as needed for recording more than a thumbs up or thumbs down by the powers that be
  • Ability to link form fields to Jira fields in order to trigger automation
  • All form data stored safely within your Jira instance

Jira Service Desk Features

  • Customizable workflows which can include required approvals at any point, automatic notifications, etc.
  • Real-time status of any issue available to anyone associated with that issue
  • End-to-end traceability
  • SLAs and automatic tracking of time to response and time to resolution

If you’re convinced that moving processes into Jira Service Desk could improve your organizations compliance, but are having trouble convincing business teams, why not install a ProForma process template as a quick proof of concept? We’ve created a library of JSD templates for common business processes. Each template includes a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms – all in one install. The templates were created in consultation with business experts and can be easily modified to match your teams’ processes. Teams will see the potential for streamlining their work and you’ll see an easy way build compliance into every processes.