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An AUG Learns How to Extend JSD to Non-tech Teams

by Jenny Choban on October 31, 2018

Not everyone can make it to Atlassian Summit, but the information shared at Summit can make it to everyone. Earlier this month, ThinkTilt CEO, Simon Herd, presented to the Atlassian User Group in Toronto, Canada. Toronto being far from Barcelona, Simon started by recapping highlights and announcements from Atlassian, including:

Jira Service Desk and Non-Tech Teams


Simon also expanded on one of the Summit themes- the expansion of Jira Service Desk to non-tech teams. Five years after the initial release of JSD, Atlassian has found that many organizations are using it for teams beyond IT operations and support. Teams such as Facilities, Legal, HR and Marketing - teams that have a lot of questions to answers and requests to fulfill are finding Jira Service Desk to be the secret to managing the workload and moving away from phone and email support. Atlassian’s findings align with a larger trend, the move to Enterprise Service Management, which recognizes that all of these teams are service teams that face similar challenges. 

ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

The presentation also covered recommended practices for implementing Jira Service Desk for non-tech teams. First of all, it’s an opportunity for teams to revisit their processes and be sure that they are following the simplest, most effective workflow possible.  When onboarding new teams, it’s also best to start with only the functionality needed. If the new system seems overly complicated, team members may avoid using it. Start simple and more functionality with successive iterations.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

 Finally, have a strategy in place for promoting the new help system to employees. Once employees realize that they can find all of the help they need in one place, and that they will receive faster results by using the service desk, your implementation will be a success.


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Addressing the Challenges with ProForma

 Of course, expanding Jira Service Desk to non-tech teams also has some challenges. Different teams will need to collect different pieces of information on their JSD requests. This can lead to an overuse of Jira custom fields and to higher Jira maintenance. 


2018-10 - Toronto AUG 2.005ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

Fortunately, there’s a Jira app that can address all three of these challenges. ProForma empowers teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues/requests.


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


 Since fields on the form are fields that do not need to be included on the issue, ProForma allows teams to collect the specific information they need without requiring custom fields. Creating forms is simple and intuitive, and can be done by anyone with Administer Project permissions. Thus, responsibility for designing data collection can be moved away from an overburdened Jira administrator and put in the hands of the teams who use the data.

Getting the Most Out of the JSD Portal

 Perhaps the greatest advantage of using ProForma is that it allows you to make better use of the Jira Service Desk customer portal.  ProForma forms can be published to the portal allowing teams to collect the exact information they need when the customer first places a request. There’s no parsing unstructured data from a description fields or commenting back and forth to try and get the right information


ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira


Customers can also edit request forms from the portal, even after the request has been submitted. Agents can add as many forms to the issue as needed, making it easy to collect follow-up information for multi-step processes.


2018-10 - Toronto AUG4.003


Agents can even designate forms as internal (only displayed on the issue) or external (visible on the customer portal) and can change the internal/external setting at any time. This is a great way to track internal processes, collect additional information or close the feedback loop between agents and customers.

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