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Atlassian Summit Barcelona – Retrospective

by Jenny Choban on September 12, 2018

We packed up our goods and came to Barcelona for 5 days of sharing and networking. Members of our team attended Partner Day, Atlassian Summit and Atlas Camp. Now we’re heading home with lots of new ideas and an ample To Do list.  We’re going to use what we learned to continue to improve the user experience and to focus our dev team on some of the most desired features.

ProForma Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

Bye, bye, Stride…Hello Jira Ops


Summit started out with some news from Atlassian. As previously revealed, they will be discontinuing HipChat and Stride and are forming a new partnership with Slack

Atlassian is also diving deeper into incident management, announcing that they have acquired OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting, and have integrated it with their latest product – Jira Ops. Jira Ops is designed to give serve as a command center during major incidents, allowing your response teams to coordinate alerting and escalation, real-time chat, updates in Statuspage, customer service and post-incident documentation. 

Catching Up with our Amigos in the Atlassian Community

Summit is always a great opportunity to catch up with friends in the Atlassian Community. We visited with other app providers like Comalatech, K15t, Easy Agile, GoodSoftware and RefinedWiki, as well as with Solution Partners like CatWorkxWe were especially happy to have some time with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook. We’ve been collaborating with Rachel for the past year and were  pleased to unveil our eBook, Effective Jira Administration, available here

Showing What We Got

We continue working to get the message out about forms – how they let you include all of the detailed, structured information you want on an issue, without the headaches and performance degradation that comes with too many custom fields. Forms make your data more organized and more accessible. Rather than endless scrolling, forms let teams organize their data the way they want, without requiring new screens or complicated Jira configurations. You can include multiple forms on an issue and toggle between forms to easily view whichever data set you want.

Summit was a bit of a coming out party for us – we have so much exciting new functionality to share. Jira administrators visiting our booth seemed impressed by the ability to include multiple, editable forms on a Jira Service Desk portal request. They also saw how you could improve the end user experience using dynamic fields to create better forms. 

We also took the opportunity to share our currently-in-development Confluence app. When complete, the app will allow you to include a ProForma form in a Confluence page. When a user completes and submits the form from Confluence, a Jira issue that includes the ProForma form with the user’s input will be created. This is a work in progress, but we hope to be releasing it soon.

ProForma Lite

Lastly, we launched ProForma Lite – a slim version of ProForma that let you build and maintain up to 3 forms, free of charge. If you’re looking for a solution to too many Jira custom fields, but are hesitant to add another app, this is a good chance to give ProForma a try.