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Atlassian Summit 2019: What Happens in Vegas…

by Simon Herd on March 12, 2019

Why leave what happens in Vegas in Vegas? Wouldn’t you rather go home from Sin City with some great new ways to use Jira and Jira Service Desk?


The ThinkTilt team is excited and proud to be a sponsor of the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas this April 9-11. We're sending a bigger team than ever before because we want to hear from you, and we’ve got a lot to share.


ProForma Forms & Checklists for Jira

Win Big with ProForma

If you ever thought that it would be nice to get exactly the information you need on every request…

If you wish customers using the JSD portal could edit their request forms…

If you’re overwhelmed by too many custom fields…

Come see us in booth #620! ProForma is the tool you’re looking for. (And if you don’t have any of those challenges, come see us anyway. We want to hear from you.)


Forms and Functions

ProForma, ThinkTilt’s Jira app, lets teams create user-friendly forms that embed in Jira issues/requests. Why forms? Because forms are unparalleled for collecting data. Use features like required fields, conditional logic and validation parameters to prompt users for the right information. It’s the fast, easy way to add all of the fields you need to an issue without a mess of custom fields or complex configurations. Using ProForma empowers you to:

  • Get exactly the data you need, broken day the way you want, without custom fields. Sound too good to be true? Come by the ProForma booth to see how it works.
  • Let users edit their submitted JSD requests forms (no more going crossed-eyed sorting through comment chains), or include multiple forms on a single request for those multi-step processes.
  • Create Jira issues directly from ProForma forms to ensure “perfect issues” every time.
  • Say goodbye to subtasks by creating easy checklists for any issue type.

 We're also coming with some new goodies – like form automation. Come by our booth to see how you can:

  • Automatically add a form to an issue when the issue is transitioned
  • Automatically transition an issue once a form is submitted
  • Prevent an issue from being transitioned if a form(s) isn’t included

Imagine always getting the right data, and then having the right actions happen automatically. It's like your work is being done for you! Come by our booth for a demo.


A New eBook With Rachel Wright

And while we’re excited to show off what’s new, we know that there are some old problems that don’t go away on their own. That’s why we collaborated with Rachel Wright to create an eBook, Reducing Jira Custom Field Bloat. It’s a great resource chalk full of practical instructions for finding, merging, deleting and substituting custom fields.

Join us at the ProForma booth and walk away with the solution to your custom field woes.

Come by our booth between 3:30 – 4:00 on Wednesday, April 10th to meet Rachel.

Join Us and Win

You’re the reason we’re going to Summit. We’re keen to hear your use cases and feature requests so we can develop ProForma to meet your needs. After all, the more we share our challenges and solutions, the more value everyone gets from the Atlassian toolset. Sign up for quick interview (only 10-15 minutes, we promise) to share your use cases and tell your story.

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