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Your Form Data: How, What and Where it is Processed and Stored.

by Simon Herd on February 27, 2017

This post is one in a series on data and privacy. As always, we appreciate any feedback you have on what's covered in this series. We think we have made careful and considered decisions in this area; however, we are always open to improving our practices and reviewing the decisions we have made.


Let's start with one of the most important types of data - the design and contents of the forms your create and fill out with ProForma.

What is it? When we talk about your form data, we are talking about both the design of your forms (the structure and the questions) and the responses to these forms (the answers people type into the form questions).

Why is it needed? We need the form design and forms contents in order for you to be able to build and fill-out forms in JIRA.

Where is it stored? All of your form data is stored in your JIRA instances. Individual form responses are attached to the particular JIRA issue, while the form designs are stored against the relevant project. With one exception, ThinkTilt never permanently stores any form data on its services through the ProForma add-on. The one exception to this is that we store the name of a form in our analytics tools, as we find this data provides rich insight to how people are using our add-on and helps guide the development of our content and product.

How is it used? While we don't store your data, we do send it to our servers each time you view or fill out a form. We do this to transform the raw data (stored as JSON) into the forms that people can easily read and fill-out.  Ideally we would like to take our servers out of the equation and have each user's browser communicate directly with the JIRA server, but we aren't quite there yet with the technology.

Where do process your data? When your form data is sent to us, we use server(s) provided Heroku to process the data. These servers are located in the USA.

WANT TO OPT OUT OF OUR ANALYTICS AND SUPPORT TOOLS? Simply enable the Do Not Track feature in your browser and the analytics packages such as Intercom and FullStory won't record any details about how you use the system.

Instructions on how to turn on Do Not Track in different browsers can be found at

Please contact us if you have any concerns