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ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira: What You Need to Know

by Jenny Choban on February 7, 2018
There are a lot of add-ons out there, so we wanted to make it easy for you to get an idea of what ProForma Custom Forms & Fields for Jira has to offer, and to know that we are a source you can trust. We hope you’ll look around site and check out our listing on the Marketplace, but for a quick overview, here’s what you need to know.



ProForma is a forms system for Jira that puts the control of business processes in the hands of the team who execute those processes. This makes business teams more agile and efficient while simultaneously relieving pressure on IT teams and Jira administrators. Designated business team members can create, alter and deploy forms and install ProForma templates without needing IT assistance. While multiple members a team can serve as agents - viewing forms and managing and responding to requests - only those with “Administer Project” permissions can create and alter forms, ensuring governance within the business unit.


The ProForma Jira add-on that makes it easy for any team to create, manage and deploy forms within Jira issues. ProForma includes a form builder with:

  • Multiple question types
  • The ability to add as much information or instructions as needed
  • Validation options for each field
  • The ability to pipe form field data to Jira fields

The form builder is straightforward and intuitive. Users do not need technical experience or IT support to create forms.

ProForma also comes with a library of customizable forms and process templates (a JSD request type, portal form, workflow and any needed secondary forms) for common business processes. Teams such as HR, Finance, Marketing and Operations can transition their processes into Jira quickly and easily using templates from the ProForma template library.


ProForma forms attach to Jira issues. Multiple forms may be attached to a single issue. All form data is stored safely within your Jira instance. If you decide to stop using ProForma, you will still be able to access your data.


Forms are an unsurpassed business tool for collecting information. Forms are familiar to users and can be easily adapted to any business process. Online forms  have the extra advantage of being easy to update when processes change. Forms provide an upper hand in data collection by:

  • Allowing teams to collect exactly the information that’s required for a given process, without requiring custom fields, screens or configurations
  • Collecting structured data, rather than having everything lumped together in a description field
  • Collecting data that is formatted to a teams needs and validate to their business rules

Since ProForma forms are backed by Jira, teams also enjoy Jira’s great features”

  • A powerful, customizable workflow
  • Built-in approvals
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Access to real time status
  • Jira reports
  • And if you’re using Jira Service Desk, additional feature like queues and easy to measure SLAs


ProForma has been designed to be simple to use. Once ProForma has been installed, access the form builder by selecting ProForma forms from the Project Settings. Teams have several choices for creating the forms. They may be able to use an existing form from the template library. Or they can start with an existing form (either from the library or from a previously created form) and make any needed modifications. Finally, they can build forms from scratch.

Use the form builder to create/alter a form as desired. Mastering the form builder is easy.

  • Form canvas: See the layout and all elements of your form. Click on an element to edit it.
  • Add form elements: Add section headings, information or questions to your form. New elements are added immediately below any currently selected section or question. If nothing is selected, the element is added to the bottom of the page
  • Editing buttons: Use these to undo or redo changes that you have made to the form. Only changes that have been made since you opened the form can be edited
  • Element properties: When you select an element on the form, its properties will be displayed. Use these properties to change question types or validation requirements, to link to a Jira field, or to add description text.
  • Action bar: To apply the changes you’ve made to the form, click Save. To discard your changes click Close.
  • See our Form Builder User Guide for more detailed instruction on creating forms in ProForma.

We know that selecting the right Jira add-ons can be a tricky process. ProForma is the add-on that makes it easy to form business teams to streamline their processes in Jira.