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ThinkTilt News

An Update on Protecting Your Privacy

Posted December 13, 2018 By Simon Herd

ThinkTilt has recently updated it’s privacy policy and Terms of Use and we thought this would be a good time to pass on some reassuring information on how we handle data privacy.

ThinkTilt News Jira Administration

A New Way to Create Jira Issues

Posted December 6, 2018 By Jenny Choban

Forms are a great way to collect and organize data. With our latest release, ProForma now allows you to use forms to create Jira issues.

ThinkTilt News Roadmap

Retrospective and Roadmap: Q4 2018

Posted September 25, 2018 By Simon Herd


ThinkTilt News

Atlassian Summit Barcelona – Retrospective

Posted September 12, 2018 By Jenny Choban

We packed up our goods and came to Barcelona for 5 days of sharing and networking. Members of our team attended Partner Day, Atlassian Summit and Atlas Camp. Now we’re heading home...

ThinkTilt News

Introducing ProForma Lite

Posted September 5, 2018 By Jenny Choban

IT teams aren’t the only ones who need great tools. Teams across your organization could be benefiting from Jira features. But how will you help those teams collect the specific...

ThinkTilt News

On Our Way to Atlassian Summit with Lots to Offer

Posted August 28, 2018 By Jenny Choban

Excitement is building as members of the ThinkTilt team get ready to head to Barcelona. We’re always enthusiastic about going to Atlassian Summit (it’s great to see what’s brewing...

Jira Administration ThinkTilt News

Effective Jira Administration – the Book!

Posted August 24, 2018 By Jenny Choban

We left the Atlassian Summit in San Jose a year ago feeling excited about a new partnership. We’d teamed up with Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook. It seemed...

Jira Service Desk ThinkTilt News

Empowering Service Teams with Multiple Forms on a Single Jira Request

Posted August 2, 2018 By Jenny Choban

ProForma is designed to help you easily collect, view and organize all of the information you need on a Jira issue – without wading through long comment chains or having to parse...

ThinkTilt News Roadmap

Retrospective and Roadmap: Q3 2018

Posted July 2, 2018 By Simon Herd

Rebuilding on a Solid Foundation

It's not always easy to admit you made a mistake, but admitting one's mistakes is an important part of learning from them.

Confluence ThinkTilt News

Setting our Direction as We Move into Confluence

Posted June 11, 2018 By Jenny Choban

Our development team has just arrived in the Rose City for App Week Portland – a time to network with other Atlassian partners and generate new ideas.  We’re excited to see what...

ThinkTilt News Roadmap

Retrospective and Roadmap: Q2 2018

Posted May 7, 2018 By Simon Herd
Ack! Time got away from us. We were so busy building, we almost missed the fact that one quarter had ended and another had begun. Here then, is our slightly late, quarterly update.

ThinkTilt News Jira Administration

ProForma for Jira Server, No Docker Required

Posted May 3, 2018 By Jenny Choban

Back in the Day...

ThinkTilt first launched ProForma at the 2016 Atlassian Summit in San Jose. The idea was to make it easy to capture all of the process-specific, field level data...

ThinkTilt News

ProForma for Jira Server Beta Release

Posted April 25, 2018 By Jenny Choban

ThinkTilt first launched ProForma, the app that empowers teams to create forms that embed in Jira issues, for Jira Cloud back in 2016. The idea was well received by Jira...

ThinkTilt News Roadmap

Retrospective and Roadmap: Q1 2018

Posted January 24, 2018 By Simon Herd

Happy New Year! Starting off a new year is a great time for stock taking and goal setting. Check out our plans for helping you bring more business teams into Jira in 2018.

ThinkTilt News

Manage Your Team’s Health with ProForma & Jira

Posted January 10, 2018 By Jenny Choban
Sometimes the more things change, the more the stay the same. Yet so many tech solutions are metaphors for the old paper way of doing things. Trello looks a lot like a collection of...

ThinkTilt News

2017 Year in Review

Posted December 22, 2017 By Jenny Choban
We understand that every business team, from HR to Finance to IT to Legal, needs an efficient system for handling requests - without long email chains, outdated forms or disruptive...

ThinkTilt News Jira Administration Expert Advice

Teaming Up for Business Teams

Posted November 22, 2017 By Rachel Wright

The beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Jira began as a tool for software teams but has evolved into a tool for any team! Business teams can benefit from Jira’s task collection,...

ThinkTilt News

ProForma 2.0: Validation, Piping and Freedom from Jira Custom Fields

Posted October 10, 2017 By Simon Herd

As part of our roadmap for Q3 2017, we committed to delivering some big functionality, and we're now excited to announce that the features below are available in both Cloud and...

ThinkTilt News Roadmap

Retrospective and Roadmap: Q4 2017

Posted October 3, 2017 By Simon Herd

This is the latest in our quarterly updates on where ProForma and ThinkTilt are heading, and what we have managed to accomplish in the last three months. Our latest update is always...

ThinkTilt News

Summit Summary - San Jose 2017

Posted September 26, 2017 By Jenny Choban
We're freshly returned from the SanJose Summit and excited to put our new insights to work. It was heartwarming to see how generous people can be with their knowledge - people like...