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IT Jira Administration

Five Ways ProForma Makes Jira Admin More Manageable

Posted March 29, 2018 By Jenny Choban

Is Jira spreading like wild fire through your organization? Do you have hundreds of Jira projects? And thousands of custom fields? Do you wrestle with when to accommodate a request...

IT Operations Jira Administration

Track Your Stuff: Easy Asset Management in Jira

Posted March 22, 2018 By Jenny Choban
I can’t think about inventory and asset management without remembering the brilliant words of George Carlin, “Their stuff is s#@t and your s#@t is stuff.” One of the things that...

IT Jira Administration

Reduce Your Technical Debt with ProForma and Jira

Posted October 18, 2017 By Jenny Choban

Debt happens. Financial debt happens because we want what we want and we want it now, even if we can’t afford it now. Technical debt happens for similar reasons. A client is having...