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Five Strategies for Getting Buy-in When Implementing ProForma for Your Business Teams

by Jenny Choban on April 7, 2017
You know your business teams carry an overwhelming workload. You know the power of being able to automate workflow, track requests and allocate resources based on real data about the demand. You know that JIRA Service Desk is immensely valuable. Now, with ProForma’s library of template forms and processes, you can offer that value to all of your business teams.


But, will they be as enthusiastic as you are? Resistance to change is normal. Some team members may feel territorial or defensive, or just plain skeptical when IT offers up a solution. Below are a few strategies that will assist with getting buy-in and increasing the rate of adoption when implementing JIRA and ProForma for your business teams.

  1. Show the benefits - You know the advantages of using JSD.  Share that information with other teams. Let them know how easily you can track requests. Show them how information is retained and can be recalled as needed. Tell them about the power of being able plan and manage your workload based on real data. Your business teams have real challenges. Let them know that you’re offering a real solution.

  2. Work with your business teams - Work with them, not for them. Identify their pain points and start by adopting templates that address those processes. Export data and reconcile it against reports from their old system so they see the functionality and gain confidence in JIRA. Over time, you’ll notice that certain team members will emerge as heavy users and will champion the cause. Recognize these allies and use them to help spread the word.

  3. Simplicity – Start simple, then iterate. ProForma’s forms and templates can be customized to include any information needed, but the simplest solution is often the best. Start by using a template as is. Then iterate to add any desired customizations.

  4. How you say it – Every business team has their own language. Look for common terms that are used across departments.  When working with a particular team avoid tech jargon and use their terms as much as possible. It demonstrates respect for their body of expertise and will help minimize confusion.

  5. Build better processes – Implementing a new system is also a time to take a look at your processes and see if they’re really working. Many processes may not be documented and are stored in people’s heads. Map out each team’s processes and use your implementation as an opportunity to assess what’s working and what’s not. Don’t feel hemmed in just because “That’s the way it’s always been done. “

If some of your teams are still dubious, why not take us up on a special offer? Send a description of one of your business processes, including it’s associated forms, to us at and we’ll build it into a ProForma template, free of charge and with no obligation. We’re confident your team will like the result – and they’ll see you as the hero!