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Summit Summary - San Jose 2017

by Jenny Choban on September 26, 2017
We're freshly returned from the SanJose Summit and excited to put our new insights to work. It was heartwarming to see how generous people can be with their knowledge - people like long-time Jira Administrator Rachel Wright who has compiled her knowledge in a book so that others can learn from her experience. We also heard from Solution Partners, Atlassian clients and, of course, Atlassian. Here are a few of our take-aways.


New from Atlassian

Along with unveiling a suite of slick-looking new logos (Bye, Charlie- we'll miss you), Atlassian announced some new functionality for Jira Service Desk. You can now add a banner and logo to customize your JSD portal to match your brand. Beyond adjusting the look, you can also set your portal (and the associated correspondence that goes to your customers) to any one of 20 languages. We're excited about those new features.

Atlassian also introduced Stride, their new messaging platform with nice features like Actions and Decisions, as well as video conferencing.

How Big Companies Are Transitioning Non-tech Teams to Jira Service Desk

It was interesting to see how big companies are taking Jira Service Desk to scale. Drew West from Trade Desk shared how they brought multiple "fulfillment teams" into JSD and used it to manage a period of hyper-growth. Chris Arrington and Laurent Bordier of Airbnb described the advantages of having all of their internal help systems available in one place and of using a common workflow so that tickets could be moved from one business team to another. When asked if non-tech teams had resisted converting to a service desk model, they said that the secret to getting buy-in was in the language - don't talk about "issues" or "tickets". Talk about how JSD empowers teams to offer better personal support. Analytics are also a big selling point. Who wouldn't like the idea of being better able to measure, show and predict the work they do?

Who Needs Jira Service Desk?

A few common themes emerged. Everyone seems to agree on the power of bringing HR into Jira Service Desk. Among other duties, HR teams manage a tremendous volume of requests, interacting with every employee in the organization. As the presenter from Trade Desk pointed out, if you’re going through a period rapid growth, you need to streamline your employee onboarding as much as possible. In his presentation, 5 Simple Strategies to Jira Service Desk Success, Greg Warner of Service Rocket recommended that HR should be the first non-tech team that an organization brings into JSD.

And What Could They Do with It?

We were also struck by the potential of using Jira combined with multiple apps. Imagine an organization using Jira Service Desk for all of their business teams. The portal could be completely branded using RefinedWiki. ProForma could empower teams to collect exactly the information they need for each request type without burdening the Jira Administrator with the need for a plethora of custom fields. Automation by Code Barrel could be execute certain requests immediately, reducing the number of issues in the queue.

New in ProForma

Summit was a chance for the team at ThinkTilt to see where we fit in in the Atlassian ecosystem. The Marketplace is large and varied, but ProForma’s ability to empower teams to create and deploy forms in Jira/Jira Service Desk is unique. We also took the opportunity to show our progress, demonstration our new validation and the ability to pipe form data through to Jira fields. Folks were impressed with the number and variety of process templates available in our library. If you haven't visited lately, check it out. We've just unveiled an assortment of new templates for HR, IT and Project Management.

Overall, Summit was a great opportunity to see how people are using Atlassian tools and to catch up with other members of the Atlassian family. We'd love to hear what you learned at Summit, so please contact us if you'd like to share.