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Summit Barcelona 2017 Retrospective

by Simon Herd on May 12, 2017
Barcelona is a beautiful and intriguing city, but we found the scene inside the conference center to be almost as fascinating as the scene outside.  It was great to connect with partners and users, and to see all of the innovative ways people are harnessing the power of JIRA to make their businesses better.


Of course, it was also great to receive validation about the important role ProForma can play in organizations.  We take our responsibility to fulfill this role seriously.  Your teams work hard and that implementing ProForma across you organization will make us part of the mission-critical work you do.  As a new member of the Marketplace, you might rightly question our pedigree and whether we are genuinely committed to our product.  We‘re committed to doing what it takes to gain your trust; trust that we will be there, that we will be responsive, that we will be constantly improving.

We believe that transparency is crucial ingredient in building trust. Therefore, we commit to offering:

  • Quarterly feature plans – ThinkTilt will publish a plan each quarter detailing the new features and enhancements that we’ll be adding to ProForma over the next three months. Following these quarterly plans on our blog will allow you, our users and partners, to have a clear idea of the direction we are taking and what you can expect from ProForma over the upcoming months.
  • Open source code – We believe that ProForma can benefit teams across your entire organization, but we know that you have to have a lot of trust in a product to implement it org-wide. You need to know that ProForma will continue to be available, that you’ll get the support you need and that you can take matters into your own hands when necessary. Therefore, ThinkTilt is prepared to enter into agreements with our partners and customers, on a case by case basis, to open the black box and let you see the magic behind our products. Take comfort in knowing that you will always be in control.

Letting you know where we’re at and where we’re going is just one way of letting you know you can trust us.

We will also be publishing the contents of Charlie's talk about using Docker for shipping to cloud and server. Plus we made a commitment to open sourcing our P2 to Docker code. Details of this will be available on the blog soon.