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ProForma to Launch at Summit 2016

by Simon Herd on September 24, 2016

ProForma Launch

This October, we are excited to launch our JIRA Service Desk add-on, ProForma, at the Atlassian Summit 2016, in San Jose.


ProForma is one of the first cloud-based tools designed specifically to work with JIRA Service Desk; ProForma helps automate the processes that cost organization's time and money. It does this by adding the following functionality to JIRA Service Desk:

  • Template Library: ProForma comes with a growing library of templates for standard business processes. The template library makes it much easier for any team to understand how JIRA can help them get their work done and can be used to get them up and running quickly. There are currently over 100 templates for processes and forms in Marketing, HR, Legal, Operations, Risk, IT, Procurement and Finance.
  • Automate Processes: ProForma allows JIRA business users to convert existing processes that rely on Word or PDF forms into standardised, simple processes built on JIRA's workflow engine. ProForma lets the business units decide what information they collect and how, and it does this without needing the support or input of IT or administrators.
  • Powerful forms: ProForma forms can contain many different types of questions and forms can be designed by anyone. Forms can be attached to existing JIRA issues, to capture additional information or they can be associated with request types so that they appear on the JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal.

ProForma also makes it possible to control how information is collected in JIRA without creating Custom Fields or modifying JIRA screens. All of the data created using ProForma forms are also stored within your JIRA instance, reducing the risk of data loss.

Special Offer for Summit 2016

ThinkTilt is sponsoring this year's Summit. While we already have over 100 template processes in our library we are excited at the prospect of working with organisations to identify additional processes and forms that can work with ProForma. Therefore, for the first 50 people to register their interest at our booth each day, we will convert one of their organisation's processes and its associated forms into a ProForma template, free of charge.

Simply stop by our booth B9 in the exhibitor hall to register your interest, and don't worry, you do not need to have the details of your process with you, we will follow up with you after Summit.


Conference Swag

ThinkTilt is proud to be bringing a small taste of Australia to Summit 2016. If you need a Vegemite fix, or you want to learn how to really eat vegemite (and enjoy the experience) then stop by our booth and say hello to the team.