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ProForma & Jira Saves Time for Everyone

by Jenny Choban on April 30, 2018
ProForma was created because we believed that empowering teams to add all of the fields they need to a form embedded in a Jira issue was a great way to make the most of Jira’s functionality and flexibility.  It turns out that adding forms to issue is not only a good strategy for extending Jira to business teams, it’s also one way Jira saves time, for everyone.


Service teams save time because they are able to gather all of the process-specific information they need up front. There’s no downtime waiting for more information from the customer. Instead teams are able to provide one-touch service which is better for them and better for the customer.

ProForma also saves time for Jira Administrators.  Every field that’s added to the form is a field that doesn’t need to be added to the issue. Fewer custom fields means easier Jira administration and better Jira performance (which saves time for everyone).

We even built time savings into implementing ProForma.  A library of forms and Jira Service Desk template processes (which include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms all in one install) make it fast and easy to bring traditional business processes into Jira. These forms and templates were purpose-built in consultation with industry experts. Any form can be easily modified to conform to your teams’ processes.

Here are a couple of more ways to save time using ProForma.

Add a Form to Multiple Issues

You can filter for a given set of issues and quickly add a form to each of them using the More  button.



How might you use this functionality? Imagine you are using ProForma and Jira to manage content creation for your website using the following workflow:

You could run a query for all issues that are in the Add Web Tasks status. One of those “web tasks” might be checking the content over for SEO. Once you have a list of all of the issues in that status, you could quickly add an SEO Checklist to each one, making it easy for the person who is charged with preparing and publishing that piece of content to complete the necessary SEO tasks. Adding the same form to multiple issues not only saves time, it improves consistency and standardization of your business processes.


Multiple Forms to an Issue

Not only can you rapidly add a form to multiple issues, you can also add multiple forms to one issue.  This comes in handy when dealing with complex, multistep processes.  Consider that most vital of processes, hiring. You could create Jira issues to track the candidates that you want to interview. (You could even add a form for capturing their interview question responses to each one of those issues using the process above.) When you’ve identified the best candidate, you’ll want to check their references. ProForma lets you add a reference check form, and any other desired form, to that same issue.

Adding multiple forms to an issue makes it much easier to track the information you need. All the information that’s needed for converting a candidate to an employee can be found in one place.  You can hide or show whichever form is relevant to the current task, making all of the fields visible on the Jira issue. 

Forms have persisted as a business tool precisely because they are so effective at collecting and displaying information. Combining the power of forms with the power of Jira saves time for everyone.