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Manage Your Team’s Health with ProForma & Jira

by Jenny Choban on January 10, 2018
Sometimes the more things change, the more the stay the same. Yet so many tech solutions are metaphors for the old paper way of doing things. Trello looks a lot like a collection of post-it notes and one might describe Jira as super-powered to do list. We add all sorts of bells and whistles- automation, notifications, etc. - but the conceptual model stays the same. That’s because things like calendars and to do lists worked, for hundreds of years.


Online Forms & Templates for Jira

Another business tool that has proven it’s effectiveness over time is the form. We are more data dependent than ever before, and nothing allows for better data collection than a form. You can ask for, even require, the exact pieces of information you need, formatted the way you want, and validated to meet your business rules. Forms are the way to get the answers up front, without having to go back and ask a string of questions later.

Combining forms with Jira means:

There are several options for, but they can be a bit cumbersome. That’s why we created ProForma - to give you the data collecting prowess of a form, backed by the workflow power of Jira.

Bringing the Team Playbook to ProForma

ProForma makes it easy for any teams to build, deploy and manage forms in Jira. In fact, in order to help teams get started quickly, we’ve created a library of forms and templates that teams can use out of the box or modify to their processes. However, we didn’t just want to build forms, we wanted to build forms that are useful for you and your teams.

How well a team functions will probably dictate how much they accomplish and how much team members enjoy their work. Think back on past jobs. Do you remember the specific task you did, or do you remember the people you worked with and what it was like to collaborate with them? At their best, teams become more than the sum of their parts and allow people to achieve things together that would be beyond their potential if they were working individually. At their worst, they become a tangled mess of dysfunctional relationships that drain our energy, sap our creativity and makes us dread work we used to look forward to doing. Sometimes we don’t even know why we’re so frustrated.

This is exactly why Atlassian created the Team Playbook and why we decided to build some of those plays into the ProForma Template Library.

You have several options for accessing playbook forms:

  • PDFs
  • Confluence templates
  • ProForma forms & templates for Jira (currently available for selected plays - we'll be building more in the future)

Since ProForma offers the advantage of having the forms attached to a workflow, we figured it would be best to start with the Team Health Monitors. After all, if your team is a bit sick, you don’t just want to know. You want to do something about it.

You can find the health monitors for leadership teams and service teams in any of the categories of the Template Library.  The health monitor for project teams is available in the Project Management area. While you’re there, check out our other new process templates. The health monitors are just three of the over 70 new processes that we’ve just added to our library for teams like Finance, HR. IT, Marketing and Operations.

We’ll be adding more items from the Atlassian team playbook in the future. Feel free to let us know which plays would be most useful for you.