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JIRA Service Desk for Any Team

by Simon Herd on December 3, 2016


It’s probably no surprise that IT departments always have the coolest tools. IT folks know what’s possible and have an eye on what’s new and available.



JIRA Service Desk for Any Team

Take JIRA Service Desk. It makes resolution of customer requests fast, accountable and easy to manage. The customer portal is intuitive, no training required. It even helps users help themselves by increasing their knowledge base. More than 22,000 teams across the globe use JIRA Service Desk.

However, IT teams aren’t the only ones who need this level of functionality. Every business team, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources gets barraged with requests for their services. They too need to be able to manage and respond to a high volume of requests from their colleagues and customers. They too need to be able to store process information in an organized, easily retrievable manner. They too need to be able to check in and see the real-time status of a given process, and they too need to be able to measure how often a task is requested.

Every business team has a body of expertise that informs what they do. Every team has processes, large and small that are frequently repeated and need to be carried out correctly. Imagine a ready to use solution to streamlining small business processes for all of your teams.

Extending Service Desk Beyond IT

Extending JIRA Service Desk to other business teams is a win for everyone. Internal customers are already familiar with the user interface and the functionality because they use it with IT. IT is happy to have other teams using a product that they already know and trust – a big plus when it comes to matters of security, maintenance and ongoing support. Best of all, business teams are empowered to better manage and respond to service requests and to track the progress of their tasks.

So, What’s the Catch?

Until now, the catch has been that various business teams don’t typically have the time or the technical expertise to administer their own project, custom fields, screens, and data configurations in JIRA. That’s why ThinkTilt created ProForma. Importantly ProForma allows business teams to make the most of JIRA Service Desk without having to continually harass JIRA administrators to make changes on their behalf. Business teams are empowered to design forms and processes to collect information in a way that makes sense to them, without anyone on the team needing to know the technical ins and outs of custom fields and data schemas.

ProForma also comes with a library of forms and templates that your business teams can modify or use as is. These templates weren't created in bubble. Industry experts in fields such as HR, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Operations and Risk Management advised the creation of over 100 template processes.  The forms are designed to be easily customized to the needs of your organization, but also to give you a starting point that is already 90-100% of what your team needs.

We have a great tool to empower your teams, but we also know that your teams are the real source knowledge in their business area. That's why we would like to expand out library of free templates by building on the knowledge and expertise of our customers.

If you send the details of one of your business process, including its associated forms (PDFs, Word, FormStack, etc.) to, we’ll convert it into a ProForma template, free of charge with no obligations.  We think that once you’ve had a taste of how ProForma can transform your business processes, you’ll want it for all of your business teams.