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Processes Are More Alike Than Not, Across Different Organizations

by Jenny Choban on October 13, 2016


We are all more alike than we are different. Whether you engineer software, manufacture gadgets, or serve up the best burgers in town, you need to follow the same sound business practices. A Human Resources manager can apply their expertise regardless of the type of business they’re working for. Much of the knowledge they acquire while working for a construction company will be relevant if they later go to work for a retail store.


Consider how many business disciplines are common to all types of organizations; finance, operations, marketing, HR, IT, procurement, risk management, etc. Each of these categories is a highly technical discipline in its own right. The health and success of your organization depends on how well you manage these processes. Perhaps that’s why many businesses choose to hire outside consultants.

Outside Help

Consultants are able to bring high-level expertise in their discipline to any type of business. As highly concentrated experts, consultants:

  • Know industry standards and best practices in their field
  • Can advise on the different models available and which might best fit your particular organization
  • Are up to date on the newest developments affecting their discipline and function as thought leaders who can tell you, not only where things are, but also where things are going
  • Are experts at ensuring regulatory compliance in their business area

Having seen hard-learned lessons applied in various organizations, consultants are intimately acquainted with the best practices in their disciplines. They walk the walk and talk the talk.

Built-in Expertise

ProForma has built those best practices into its templates for processes and forms, that you can use with JIRA Service Desk.  Our forms were not simply designed by a bunch of well-meaning techies who never deal with the outside world. We worked with industry experts and consultants in multiple business categories (finance, operations, marketing, etc.) to ensure that best practices are built right into our templates. Therefore, adopting the ProForma add-on for your business processes will not only increase efficiency, it will qualitatively improve your business practices.

But what about the internal expertise that already exists in your organization? The beauty of ProForma is that the people who will actually be using the templates can customize them to their liking. Be it the operations team or finance department, your staff will have the opportunity to use our expertly designed processes or build their own processes into our automated forms.

ProForma offers you elegant, automated efficiency, along with recognized best practices. It’s like getting a forms system and a consultant all in one.