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Fewer Custom Fields & Better Jira Governance with ProForma

by Jenny Choban on February 28, 2018

There are a lot of Jira add-ons out there. Every add-on that gets installed on your Jira application will have to be maintained, will have to live up to compliance standards and will have to play nicely with the other add-ons you’re already using. Clearly, choosing which Jira add-ons to install is a process that requires good governance. One of the benefits of using ProForma is that it can actually improve your governance while simultaneously reducing Jira administration.



Solve the Jira Custom Fields Dilemma

Jira’s fabulous flexibility can be both a blessing and a challenge. Large organization with many projects have to follow strict protocols about the things like the creation of custom fields, or they end up with a intractable jungle that slows performance and is impossible to manage. That’s not what you want. But you do want teams be able to take advantage of all Jira’s great features for streamlining their processes and handling requests. In order to meet teams’ needs and still maintain sanity in your Jira application, you need:

ProForma forms and templates are an excellent way to give teams the flexibility they need while still maintaining governance standards. From the user’s perspectives, a form looks like a collection of fields, prompting them to provide the needed information. However, from the Jira Admin’s perspective there’s a world of difference.

Who Can Create, Use & Alter ProForma Forms?

ProForma empowers teams to create, deploy and manage forms embedded in Jira issues. Teams can create forms tailored to collect the exact information needed for their business processes, and they can do it themselves, without IT support.

That doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. Only users with Administer Project permissions can create forms or change form designs, giving team leaders the ability to ensure useful, appropriate and standardized forms. Agents with the permission to design forms can start building a form from scratch or based on a copy of a previously created form, making it easy for a that follow a consistent format. ProForma also includes a template library of forms and process templates for common business processes across multiple teams.

Can Form Responses Be Changed?

Only if you want them to.

Once created, forms can be attached to Jira issues, or — if you’re using Jira Service Desk — published to the customer portal.  Once a customer submits a form, there is an option to lock the form, preventing any changes to responses which have been entered into form fields.

Where is Form Data Stored?

ProForma stores its data in Jira entity properties, which live on the issues in your Jira project. Form data will not be deleted (even if you stop using ProForma) unless the Jira issues themselves are deleted. Viewing forms and their responses requires ProForma. Therefore, it is recommended that if you decide to stop using the ProForma app, you simply unsubscribe rather than uninstall. That way, you’ll still be able to access data that was submitted in ProForma forms.

We are committed to supporting you in maintaining a well-governed Jira application. If you have any questions or concerns about how ProForma would impact governance in your organization, please feel free to contact us.