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Bring the Benefits of Jira to Everyone with Form Fields

by Jenny Choban on March 26, 2018

Jira is a fantastic tool for issue tracking. But there’s nothing that can’t be improved upon. Responding to an issue efficiently and correctly means you need to have the right information to work with.


If teams are using Jira Service Desk, customers typically include all of the information associated with their request in the description field. That’s not the best scenario. It’s easy to leave out pertinent pieces of data if you’re not prompted to include them. On the receiving end, the fact that multiple bits of information are lumped together in one field requires agents to parse out the pieces they need. Often, the agent ends up going back to the customer for more information before they can complete the service.

Jira Core was designed to extend Jira’s project management capacity beyond software development teams. Most business teams don’t need fields like “version” and “release date”.  However, they may need other fields that software teams don’t. A Marketing team responding to an internal request for a social media post will need to know which platforms to include when publishing the post. A legal team reviewing a policy change will need to know the rationale for altering the existing policy.

Flexible & Consistent Data Collection

Regardless of whether you are working with a service team using Jira Service Desk or a business team using Jira Core, getting the right information upfront will save a lot of time. ProForma is the tool that lets you get that information without needing new Jira issue types, custom fields or screen changes.  ProForma makes it easy to create forms that embed in Jira issues.


Since the forms cannot negatively impact your Jira application, it’s perfectly safe to allow each business team to build the forms they need. Put the power of data collection in the hands of the people who use the data.


Forms in Jira issues mean more power with less Jira administration.  You can now create as many fields as needed, specific to any business process. The process becomes both more efficient and more consistent since it always gets handled the same way.  Teams can use validation and approvals to bake their business rules and compliance requirements into the process. Small, frequently repeated processes which suck up so much time from your Finance, HR and Marketing professionals can now be built into a streamlined system powered by a Jira workflow.

Bringing the Benefits of Jira to Everyone

There are things we take for granted in Jira that may not currently be available for other business teams. How many fewer phone calls would interrupt your HR team if their customers could check the real-time status of their requests in Jira? How much faster could Finance process reimbursement requests? How would Marketing restructure their work if they had access to analytics which allowed them to see what their most requested service are? Bringing non-tech teams into Jira is easier than ever with ProForma. We’ve created hundreds of form and process templates for teams across your organization (Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Project Management and Risk Management).  Each of these was built in collaboration with industry experts and can be easily modified to meet your team’s needs.  If teams are using Jira Service Desk, they can access ProForma process templates that include a portal form, request type, workflow and any needed secondary forms all in one install.