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A Series on Data Privacy

by Simon Herd on February 20, 2017



Keeping private data private should be the very backbone of every business. If we don't treat your data and data about you with the respect and care it deserves, then you shouldn't entrust it to us. However, simply locking every bit of data away in a vault isn't a particularly effective way to understand what our users are trying to do and support them in doing it. So we have to find a compromise between total security and sharing enough data with selected services, so that we can provide a great service and build a successful product.

We believe in transparency, so we are going to produce a series of articles on how we handle the privacy of different types of data we collect and manage within our organization. We always exercise caution in deciding which systems to use and what data to collect. We believe that we have made thoughtful and considered decisions. However, we are always open to feedback and if you have any concerns at all about the decisions we have made, please get in touch.

Naturally, the information in this series is reflected in our Privacy Policy, which has been written using Iubenda. We think Iubenda is a great tool for developing policies that work across multiple jurisdictions. We also really value the fact that they have many people dedicated to ensuring that our privacy policy is relevant and workable, and we are pleased to stand on the shoulder of such giants in the industry.

Posts in the series:

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